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Multi Mount Device Box (six gang)
Horizontal Box
Low Voltage Boxes
6 gang SMART BOXes are now TABBED

The addition of external mounting tabs gives the contractor three (3) approved mounting methods. The tabs are easily removed for rewire work and adjustable depth mounting.

Multi Mount Device Box
All SMART BOX products mount internally • Wall dividers are available for the (6) gang boxes for line voltage / low voltage separation • Horizontal and vertical mounting capabilities are provided with (6) gang boxes • Two (1/2”) KO locations provided in the (6) gang boxes.
110 cu in
55 - #14
Removable tabs
Horizontal Box
Match up to existing fittings in old work baseboards.
Works well on exterior siding and shingles.
Wall Divider
Low Voltage / Line Voltage Barrier • Wall Dividers fit all (2) – (6) gang Multi Mount Boxes (in multiple locations).
Low Voltage Boxes
SBC Low Voltage (LV) Data Rings
New wire and rewire compatible • Adjustable rise (depth) is built in • LV1G and LV2G data rings have hinged conduit adapters (3/4” & 1”)
Low voltage
Horizontal or
Vertical mount
Low voltage
2 gang