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Big Willy 9/16" Hollow Shank Power Nut Driver

The Big Willy 9/16" Hollow Shank Power Nut Driver fits 3/8" SAE. Nuts, Bolts, Anchors and Redi Rod!
Attached to a drill*, it is ten times easier and ten times faster than using your fingers.

There are three lengths available:
3" Perfect for Nuts & Bolts
(part no. BW 3 IN 9/16)
6" Perfect for Anchors
(part no. BW 6 IN 9/16)
12" Perfect for Redi Rod
(part no. BW 12 IN 9/16)
NOTE: For high speed, not high torque.
DO NOT EXCEED 50ft-lbs / 600 in-lbs / 68 N-m

The Big Willy Solution:

The Big Willy solves a number of problems in driving and fastening 3/8” hardware. 

  • The Big Willy has a 9/16” socket to drive 3/8” nuts, bolts, Redi Rod and hardware.
  • The Big Willy also available in 7/16" (to fit 1/4” nuts and rod)
  • The Big Willy is a one piece tool so the parts cannot be separated and lost. 
  • The Big Willy currently comes in 3 lengths:  3”, 6”, 12” but can be manufactured in any length as may be required.
  • The Big Willy has a hollow shank that permits the nut to be driven down a long threaded rod to the limit of this shank.
  • The Big Willy shank is hollow to the maximum depth permitted by the construction of the tool, not just part way.
  • The Big Willy has a collet drive shank (very common) to permit its use in a collet drive chuck.  This drive shank also fits all common conventional drill chucks.
  • The Big Willy can also be driven without a power drill via a variety of hand operated collet drive tools (these tools commonly have handles that accommodate a collection of different screw bits, all with collet drive shanks).
  • Big Willy is the only 9/16” power socket for cordless drill, the only power driven socket with a hollow shank and the longest / deepest power driven socket made.

*drill shown above not included

BW 12 IN 9/16 BW 6 IN 9/16   BW 3 IN 9/16
Limited Production Special Big Willy Units
* call for availability
Display Unit available to distributors
* call for availability